Monday, August 1, 2011

Multitudes on Monday #162-179

162- my husbands broken foot, being able to take care of him
163- ponds in the roots of a ash tree
164- new friends
165- sleepovers and visits with Grandmothers
166- God sharing His word, His wisdom with us right when we need it.
167- cool summer nights
168- a boys imagination

169- The book of Matthew
170- The fact that I own a Bible and can read it freely where some places of the world cannot
171- free mud baths for the skin
172- conclusions discovered and everything good
173- evening trips to the park
174- toddlers at play in the bathtub, pretending to swim
175- discovering free homeschooling cirriculum
176- preparing to start two weeks of homeschool tryouts in our house
177- our church teaming together to make sure my husband doesnt have to walk too and from work for the weeks he will be in a cast- so thankful
178- four year olds creating new dances
179- first day of homeschool a success

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