Monday, August 22, 2011

Multitudes of Gifts #221-233

#221- a struggle, frustration weeks going, financially stressful... only to find out that God had an awesome plan for it all which put things in a way better line of doing than we planned.  Thankyou Lord!

#222- My Mom and StepDad coming to visit for a few days


#224- My Moms pancakes
#225- surprise visits from Pastor Bruce and Lisa and their wonderful children!
#226- seeing family who we havent seen in a long time
#227- Marraige- congratulations Randy and Chandra!
#228- old large churches
#229- reception laughter
#230- slide shows- memories!
#231- The great I AM
#232- feeling God's presence not just during worship but having it linger for hours and hours.  Knowing that He is a personal God, desiring relationship with me and proving it too me, how can I not smile ear to ear!!!!!!!!
#233- God covering and protecting me from all that is not of HIM.  How even in a year He has prepared me and equipt me to handle situations with His strength.  Thank You Jesus!


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