Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Multitudes of gifts #202-220

A day late, but fighting a fever.  God is good and I have seen His work in even this ... this is the joy of the past week. 

202- mother in laws cooking
203- creeks around the corner
204- willow tree's bending around you
205- noticing the leaves starting to change slightly while on a run, being in total awe of Gods handywork.  He created all this for us to enjoy!
206- New places for adventure
207- shallow water
208- crayfish (please dont pinch me!)
209- water dropplets under the biggest mushroom ever.  Totally beautiful!
210- Youth camps
211- freedom in Christ. 
212- healing from faith in Christ
213- Eyes being opened to just how many people dont have Christ's salvation
214- heart being broken in millions of peices for unsaved loved ones
215- Christ showing me He has my house under His protection and He has got our backs!
216- Jesus whispering to me to read Colossians chapters 1-3 after a day of uncertainty and frustration and sadness and being totally revived and strengthened in my relationship in Christ
217- fevers and chills, a few days of quiet and rest
218-  back rubs from hubby
219- hystarical loud abnoxious laughter!
220- talking to my twin nephews (10 months) on the phone...hillarious and totally beautiful (miss you guys!)

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