Monday, July 11, 2011

multitudes of gifts #93-115


93- dancing in the livingroom with my daughter
94- discovering "new" songs to share with my children.
95- Tim Hortons coffee from my husband
96- dishes done
97- a child saying the lots of wrinkles on that ladies arms are really cool!!!!!!!!
98- road trips with grandparents
99- science centers
100- indoor rainforests
101- diaper changes out in the middle of a field by grandma
102- discovering a tiny chapel on a dirt road, old and beautiful
103- big red sunsets
104- steel drums
105- Hippos and a four year olds dream coming true at the zoo
106- getting to pet stingrays and sharks, the excitement in childrens eyes
107- pony and camel rides
108- penguins playing infront of your eyes
109- late night Mcdonalds ice cream cones
110- Sunfest- music, tie dye and patchwork, good food, sunshine

111- two year olds falling asleep on the couch
112- sunkissed noses
113- facepaint
114- snowcones
115- four year olds doing skateboard tricks in the livingroom


  1. Your moments are joyful too! Thanks for visiting my blog! I love #96, that's definitely a big blessing in my home :)

  2. ..late night McDonalds ice cream cones.... SUPERB! Makes me want to go out have ice cream now!

    Beautiful blessings from the Lord!