Friday, September 2, 2011

Have you any wool?

The past few weeks in our house we have really gotten back into the wool groove.  All my children get excited when I start getting the knitting/crochet/felting/spinning mood.  We purchased some roving and my three and a friend all got down and colourful at the kitchen table last week to dye up some of it  with food colouring and vinegar.  They had so much fun! So we decided that we would do wet felting with this as trying to get 2-6 year olds to spin and knit would probably not be the best bet.  They decided to make bracelets and headbands with their stuff (Mommy too!)
They thought it took "forreeever" to felt them.  They dont think this will be a regular craft for them! LOL

So while the kids were doing their felting projects I took advantage of the mess and did my own crafts.  I have long adored the felted purses online, but my paypal tree hated the price so I figured I'd wing it.  It took a few days to finally get it finished, but I am very very happy about the end result. It is a blend of silk and merino. I now know why they cost so much, it is a long process but very fun! I found it so relaxing to just sit there and felt, its an arm workout but its quiet.  Its really fascinating I think how wool 
 felts like this.  How our Creator made such beautiful fibers in nature that can keep us warm, look beautiful and create one of a kind peices, plus the animals are so darn cute!!!!!!!! And since I really really would like to grow my hair out, I need things to make it look somewhat decent LOL so I did a hairband, a lot less complicated than the purse, quicker and I tried a few other methods to getting the wool to felt.  It was a lot of fun, I did it in fall colours because pretty soon the leaves will be the same! Matchy matchy!

So now that I have that out of my system (for now, and felting needles and llama fleece on the way!) I have dug into a bag of goodies from a friend and this is my next woolie adventure. 

Im not sure what type of wool it is, but I am really excited to spin it.  I have started combing it and have spun a little of it.  Its more coarse than soft however.   I think I will dye it afterwards as well, everything seems to be so exciting in colour, although naturally the stuff I have spun is quite nice! Stay tuned!!

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  1. Great! I like the colors from your hairband. And what a nice pictures. The children like it to do, I think.