Monday, September 12, 2011

Multitues of gifts #259-294

259- the blessings of hand me downs
260- cooking meals with friends
261- checking out the JK classroom with our son
262- passionate teachers
263- the air signaling autumn is definatly on its way
264- waking up in the middle of the night just so you can feel God's presence and just hang out
265- the first day of JK for our middle child
266- watching our daughter take him under her wing onto the bus with confidence
267- watching him smile happily, a new journey in his life, one he has been asking for for a long time
268- one on one time with our youngest
269- chicken in the slow cooker
270- my daughter hurting her arm and us praying over it to have the pain dissapear and a smile so huge cross her face
271- worship concert in the park.  All of Christs' Churches invitited to come together and worship the King of Kings!
272- children dancing and praising God "Jesus is here!" 
273- late night bus rides
274- our beautiful daughter turning 7
275- totally destroying the birthday cake, a neighbour stepping in to make one for her (BLESSED)
276- dinner for eight- such a joyous time!
277- really cute puppies
278- God placing something in your heart on a Sunday morning, even if you dont know fully what on earth it was, but know He is upto something. 
279- the way my two year old shuffles into the kitchen to get us to get him somthing, kinda leaning back, rolling his arms...its like a crazy "Come with me mom and feed me" dance.  Adorable.
280- praying for a young boy across the country who was abducted to be found safe, that the heart of the man who abducted him would be softened and he would release the child
281- that boy being returned home.  Praise GOD
282- cake batter bowls scraped out by children
293- new Bibles and devotion books
294- a new sister, welcome to the family Diala!

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