Monday, September 5, 2011

Multitudes of gifts- #234-258

There is joy in every moment when we focus on God.  He knows the best for us, and speaking for myself, and my family I know that putting my life in His hands has taken me down the paths He is calling me and guiding me to go down.  The more and more I walk with Him, the less I am trying to do things my way.  And the joy I am discovering is beyond amazing.  Walking with Him has brought more joy to my life than I could ever imagine. 
The joyful moments continued since the last list...
234- VBS- God and Me @ Sea. 
235- my daughter singing out "From the rooftops I proclaim I am YOURS"  to Jesus. 
236- Praying for direction in where God wants me to serve
237- really silly lame not quite hollywood comedies... and laughing histarically at it all.  (Im really easily entertained)
238- knowing that even if I am across a country away from my Dad, God can still heal him in Jesus name
239- kids dancing  in the livingroom joyfully
240- my son "Jesus loves you ALL THE WAY!"
241- wet felting madness
243- worship practice
244- caserole from a neighbour (THANKS CARLY!)
245- Childrens museum
246- llamas...
247- morning coffee with Carly and Tara
246- afternoon park time with Andrea
247- Late night cofee with Sherri (yes I drink a lot of coffee)
248- finding my wallet
249- two bikes for fifty bucks!
250- baked goodies from Jen
251- the cutest skunk trapped in our window well.. rescued and it didnt make a stink!
252- the biggest thunderstorm in a while!
253- Merla Mae icecream with my cousin and her amazing kids
254- watching Gods torrent outpour of Love spread all over and change people like never before!
255- cool crisp fall mornings
256- praying over the students for Gods protection going into the new school year
257- Ruffles spicy ketchup chips
258- serving where God calls

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