Monday, September 26, 2011

Multitudes of gifts #322-234

This past week was busy, but I managed to capture and record some of the joy of the week.

322- our youngest son Zayden being fascinated that the moon "follows us" from our house to Tim Hortons.
323- Zayden holding the door for US in and out of the coffee shop...what a gentleman.
224-ZAYDEN GOING PEE ON THE POTTY!!!!! his reward- a hotwheel!
225- tons of boys playin in the mud
226- kids playing school in the kitchen
227- the blood of Christ
228- "Jesus wasnt an afterthought"
229- My husband planning to go on a missions trip to Rwanda... God is good!
230- Zayden and Alexis snuggling on the couch
231- a case of the giggles hardcore.
232- weekend conferences
233- birthday cake made by the kids
234- the cutest dog ever whom I call "shamwow" 

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