Tuesday, September 6, 2011

When school bags and indoor shoes are ready

The busses are rolling in and my children are getting on board, one for the first time, the other into her fourth year.  We had really prayed about homeschooling but I feel that even though I knew God wanted us to look into it, I now know that His reasons for it were not so we would homeschool this year. I tend to obsess over things and I know that God wanted us to go through the motions so I could see that while this is something that may be in our future, it is not for right now.  We have a peace about allowing my children to attend school and this was something I didnt have a few months ago.  Its amazing how His peace does that.
We are not sending my children to school alone.  They are going to school with God.  They will walk those hallways with Christ and they will play in the schoolyard with His Spirit swirling around them with love.  They have His protection.  They walk in His freedom! 
On Sunday we gathered all the children of our Church heading into school- homeschool, elementary, secondary, college, university and prayed over them that God would protect them and strengthen them.  My eyes were filling like pools because this is a prayer I pray everyday for my own children and Im sure its a prayer all the other parents pray for their children.  For the church to come together and pray the same prayer for all these children was amazing.  These children are our future and are going to be leading the churches one day.  These are the people who are going to be bringing other children to Christ.  They need to understand they can walk in confidence no matter where they are, and to be accepting and loving to the other children and teachers and staff of the school.  While my daughter had a hard time last year in school I feel this year will be different.  New classmates and a fresh start.  God has given me such a peace about her attending school.  My son has never experienced school before and is so excited.  While I know I will cry when he hops on the bus for his first day this week, I know it will be okay because they can do all things in Christ who strengthens them.  I hope they continue to remember that day after day as they learn in their school. 

They can march into their hallways with the greatest Love that knows no boundaries, is non judgemental and totally forgiving and show others His unfailing love. 

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