Thursday, June 16, 2011

Am I turning into the woman who everyones going to avoid?

The more and more I follow Christ, learn His teachings, the more I get into His word, the more and more I realize we are made for so much more than this.

And the more and more I do this, the more and more the things in life we consider "normal" become not so normal for me, seem pointless and not nessesary. 

Walking with my husband to the grocery store today after watching the horrific sensless acts that happened in Vancover last night made my heart break.  All the violence ...sensless stupid violence.   Like this isnt even violence to protect someone or something (which I still dont agree with but anyways). Theres no point to it other than a group of people wanted to cause a frenzie. 

Then started talking about going on trips far away, and how if theres no real purpose behind them, I really just dont care.  Sure lots of pretty trips would be beautiful, but so would spending time with family we havent seen in a long time, or helping somewhere for people in need. 

How people who talk like sex is some crazy erotic dirty thing when God created it to be an intimacy between a husband and wife.  This is begining to bother me.  

I dont want my children to think that having all these gadgets, toys and trinkets are what the world is. I dont want them to think that following the latest trend is the way to go.  I want them to always keep their eyes on Christ. 

I looked at my husband with a sadness  "Am I turning into a woman that the whole world is going to start to avoid because my opinions are so not of this worlds?"

How if its not going to glorify Christ, then why do it?

This is the point where people start to roll their eyes at me.   And Christ warns me its to be expected. 

They hate me, but they hated Him first.  (see John 15:18)

The more and more stuff that happens in this world only points to signs of His return.  I wait with Hope.  My faith grows stronger, but my heart breaks for those who dont have His hope, or throw it in the trash thinking it just cant be the only way. 

Because in our society people think their thinking is better than His.

I heard a satistic by Rick Warren on an interview aprox. 75 million people will die this year and dont have Christ and therefore..well you know the rest.  

This breaks my heart! And Im not silent about my faith and I shout it out.  I want my friends and family to come to Christ.  Im not banging down doors but Im not hiding anything either. 

But its the statues on Facebook about kids, jokes, random stuff that get the comments, and the ones of Christ that rarley get one.

This world is broken.  We are broken.  Thats all there is to it.

Two options face me now- To crawl into a depression of hurting for all the people, or to stand firm and call forth salvation and peace for this world.  I will choose the second option. 

I cling to Hope and to Christ because He is the only pure thing left.


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