Thursday, June 16, 2011

My husband rocks.

My husband and I got off to a rocky start.  Young, and both not following God, things were not going as well as they probably could have been. 
We moved in quickly together, and he put up with a lot of stuff that I pulled..lets just say I wasnt the most caring loving girlfriend ever.  Selfish and angry.
I got pregnant months after we got together, and my husband is one of few words, and I took this as an opportunity to be "poor me" and left our apartment in London Ontario, to go to a small town where my family was outside of Ottawa Ontario, 8 hours away. No notice, I took my stuff, got on a train, and left.

My husband was so shocked, so upset, he lost his job, was depressed, hurting.  Not only was he loosing his girlfriend, but loosing his daughter as well. 

But my husband was a good man, and is a good man.  He sold everything he had, and followed me weeks later to be with me, live in my mothers house with me in her basement till we could find work for him.  He got employment and we were able to get our own place.

When my daughter was 18 months we got married. 

We had another child, a boy and things were busy, but good.  My husband continued to work hard and do everything he could. 

We concieved a surprise, a third baby on the way and I got depression. Bed ridden for well over a month.  And my husband had no idea what to do.  But he never left.  He may have said little, but he tried with all his might to do everything he could to continue to support his family that seemed to be a mess.  He made the phone calls, he worked and worked so I didnt have too, he took care of the children when he wasnt home and never really had time for himself. 

And he did all this while living in an area that he was so unfamiliar with and it never felt like home.  He had no family to go to just to vent or cry.  Everyone was unreachable for him. 

We finally moved back to London, where we now live.  Things are better, and my husband is even begining to pray, come to the worship center, read scripture with me.  He never ever gave up on me, or his family, and realized our God never gave up on us either.  And we are so thankful.  God brought so much good out of our struggles even if we were clinging on by a thread it seemed for so long.  I am thankful to God for giving me a man who has strenth, determination and hope.  Who put up with way more than most would.  He can make us laugh till we are crying.  He's such a great friend.  My best friend.   I just hope I can show him how thankful we are for his sacrifices he has made.   

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