Thursday, June 9, 2011

Christ's "Hush"

I have felt inspired to slow down in life. To not say "hurry up" so much. 
Its my downfall

Last night I sat with my two year old son, and just watched him, as he delighted in the light of the moon peering through our livingroom window.  The thoughts that must have been going through his mind as he gazed up into the night sky. Complete fascination.  Total joy.  There was total joy for me watching him discover, and take in what he was in that moment. Not thinking of a moment later.

A journey to pick wild flowers and look for nature can still be rushed if you look at a clock.  I am very horrible at this. Capturing a moment, but for too short a time.  I stopped to to ask myself today- "what on earth do we really have to do at home right now?"  I still captured myself in words like "come on we gotta get going now."  Do we really?  Or is it okay to stare at an ant for more than 2 minutes? Was there a reason to rush home besides laundry and dishes that will always over keep their welcome anyways.  So we stayed, and we played, only moments from our home, discovering what God wanted to show us. 

And what He showed us is always beautiful... 
He says, “Be still, and know that I am God"- Psalms 46:10

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