Friday, June 10, 2011

Sharing a blog post about gender neutrality

There has been a load of talk on Facebook, blogs and news about "gender neutrality".  I wasnt sure what to think of it.  I read various opinions on it.  Some of my friends have very strong opinions towards one side or the other.  Both sides have interesting arguments and I havent really felt much desire to get in on the discussion until the past few days and I wont go into huge detail on my opinions but I wanted to share this beautiful blog post by Hippie Housewife called  Gender: Neutral or different?

She writes  "I feel as though gender neutrality is so heavily pushed now, particularly in certain circles, that kids are actually discouraged from being interested in traditionally “gendered” activities. I question the health in that, as I feel it promotes a lot of unnecessary shame."

I really think she is right. The fact of the matter is that God doesn't make mistakes.  God created us all individually, and I think we need to embrace it, and not hide any part of our children from themselves.  If my parents decided to not tell people my gender, and someone came to them as I was getting to the age where I would understand what they were talking about and they said "we are not telling people what the child's gender is."  This would shoot guilt, fear, anxiety, sadness, failure, shame, hate into my soul.  The fact that my very own parents cannot embrace Gods entire creation could shatter a persons being. 

By hiding a child's gender we are hiding a peice of their identity. There God given identity. God knit us together, and when parents start slipping stitches off and leaving holes, spirits will feel unfinished. Lets allow these children to explore life, embrase ALL of it, learn, experience what God wants for them without messing things up any further than they need to be.

Psalm 139:13  "For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb."

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  1. Absolutely right! - Instead of allowing children to be proud of who they are whether they are boy or girl - more harm down the line will surface. I am wondering if the last 40 years (the extreme radical Women's Movement) has already contributed to identity crisis within the genders. By being politically correct - trying to enforce "choices" we are actually eliminating choices. Choice is to have an imagination and creativity. If boys want to play cops and robbers and girls want to play barbies or princesses - why are we stopping that imagination - because of society fear of sterotyping. There is nothing wrong with boys -cooking and baking nor is there nothing wrong with boys playing cops and robbers. There is nothing wrong with girls trying to be police officers nor is there nothing wrong with girls wanting to play Mommy. We need to stop trying to fit everything in the politically corrective box - because choices in general will be eliminated for everyone. As a Christian I totally agree - that when we try to sterilize the gender identity - we are telling our Creator that we know better than HE.