Friday, June 24, 2011

He didn't have too....

He didnt have to give us shadows, He didnt have to create rain... He didnt have to make water bubble when it boils, He didnt even have to make it boil at all!  He didnt need to make it bead up on flower petals, or make it clear, or even close to how it is! Think about it, all that is happening around you right now, the birds, the sky, the air you are inhaling..exhaling... all that was created by God, just like that. 

These thoughts circling my head. The physics of this Earth.  He could have done it any which way.  In ways we cant even imagine because they are like nothing our minds are capable of understanding.  We are so limited in a way compared to Him who is limitless. 

He doesnt have to bless us, He doesnt have to want desperatly to have a relationship with us, but He choses to be that God for us. To want a relationship, to help us, put the work boots on, lace them up and put the hard hat on with us.  He is one of those friends who once I asked to have a relationship with is always honest, and in times of celebration and sadness I can call upon, and He is there before the "text message" is even sent out because He knows us that well.  And He didnt have to make it this way. 

Its in moments of thought like this I am totally humbled and overjoyed to have a relationship with God, for these things I could never do, He makes it all work out perfectly for His purpose. The moments I try and fix things, to go inward, to say I have the ability to bring peace into my life on my own without the help of Christ, I stumble... if I were able to do that, I would never have begun to stumble.  There would be no stumbling ever.  God catches us and dusts us off and He will lead us through this world of sunlight, rainfall, war, murder, silence, loudness.  I look upward and praise Him.  Today is a new day and He's leading the way.   

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