Monday, June 20, 2011

multitudes of gifts #17-36

#17  Sleepy two year old snuggled on my back
#18 hugs between friends
#19 a church singing praises for the Lord
#20  Veggie Tales movies that make my children laugh
#21 gardens blooming
#22 dew on the grass feeling it between bare toes
#23 morning greetings from our children with such enthusiasim and joy
#24 my six year old practicing her girl band routine on the back deck
#25 watching our children discover things for the first time
#26 my husband going out and buying me "1000 Gifts" finally <3
#27 our youngest trying to sneak coffee from the canteen at our church with such excitement in his eyes
#28 muddy fingerprints on the walls showing a day of fun in the dirt
#29 popscicle stained lips
#30 picnics under neighbourhood trees
#31 the old knots of trees showing years of perseverance through life
#32  a child hearing and anticipating the sight of an airplane overhead
#33 the colour changes of leaves in the sun
#34 water droplets on flowers

#35 eggs cracking on the stove
#36 breakfast in bed for a loved one


  1. I enjoyed your gratitude list, especially about picnics under neighborhood trees :) Blessings!

  2. Thanks for visiting my! Those little mr's and miss's can be quite the blessings (and definitely the rockin' husbands too!)! I read that you finally have 1,000 Gifts...amazing, life-changing book! Hope you continue to see His presence (presents) every day!

  3. Thanks for the comment, and love your list! Glad to see you got the book. I found it took a while to read, to let it all sink in. Such a blessing!