Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Why I read the Bible...

                                                                              So since I have started this journey with this Walking with Him Wednesday's  I have talked about how I journal sometimes to speak to God, and how I love His creation.  Today I would like to talk about why I read the Bible because this I believe is very important for walking with God. 

I believe the Bible is the very breath of God.  This means that God divinely influenced the writers of the original writings of this amazing book. 

2 Timothy 3:16–17 (ESV)
All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work.

I have been asked rightly "How do you know that its true? You were not there.  The people translating it today were not there."

And they are right, but our God was there, from the begining of time, and I choose to trust Him that this Book is the one we are to follow to understand what He sounds like, what He talked about, and what He taught while He walked with us on Earth among other things as well. 

Its a BIG book.  I havent read all of it, but I hunger to read it, to hear the accounts, to learn His ways. Its not an inconvinence to read scripture each day.  Its something I feel honored to do.

We are reading GOD here! 

I dont always understand some of the things He did, I havent always been the biggest fan of Bible study in the beginning I'll admit, but the more and more I hunger to learn more about our amazing God, the more and more I want to make sure I understand it right.  I dont want to pick and choose scripture just to suit my fancy.  I dont want to just be able to say "and He said Love eachother and a bunch of other stuff"... I want to fully understand it.  I want to have "a-Ha!" moments. I want to hear God speak to me through the pages, and oh, the days He does its just so beautiful. 

There is so much good stuff to chew on in there!  There is some scary stuff too.  Stuff that at first glance makes you cringe and say "why God, why on Earth would You let this happen?"  But the more and more I learn, through study, and read and soak it all in I start to understand things. 

Reading in the Old Testament on the ways things occured before God walked along this Earth, to understand the history, where we all come from!  I have been just really enjoying the Old Testament latley!

Getting goosebumps while reading the New Testament and how God..can you believe this!! GOD came and walked like us, felt pain like us, HEALED us, SHARED with us, SERVED us, and DIED for us. All documented, all so we could see what He was like, and come to a relationship with Him.  I cannot thank Him enough!  And to learn about what He freely gave to us when we put our trust in Him...His Spirit... its amazing! 

The more and more I read I understand. He gave us this Book, so we could understand what He really sounds like against the world- against the ways of Christ.  It is all we need. It is enough.  I have a shelf of books, self help, how to draw closer to God, what to do when books which are all amazing...

yet this one is enough.  If all books in my house were to be burned but one, this is the one I would keep.  And I want to understand it, memorize parts of it, chew on it, praise God for it, discuss it, share it, give it, live it.  


  1. YES! We are given so much, and I'm just barely tapping into the wealth...

  2. "...but our God was there". Wow. A beautiful, true, answer to a difficult question - 'how do you know..?'

    Augustine said: "The Holy Scriptures are our letters from home". That expresses so simply yet deeply how I feel about the Bible.

    Thank you. And thank you for stopping by my blog too!

  3. okay you did an AWEsome job of capturing this.
    you are going to inspire anyone who reads your words on bible reading.
    well done,

  4. I love your love for Gods word!! Will you consider linking up for Brag on God Friday?

  5. This is an awesome post and I truly believe it too. I never really fully understood what God did for us until I started reading the Bible daily... and what started one verse daily has multiplied because I want to know SO MUCH! It's like you said, a hunger that doesn't go away. SO much to learn. I'm not affiliated with them, but you said you wanted to read the entire Bible. I haven't either. Starting July 11th, I'm starting the Reading the Bible in 90 days. I don't know the exact url, but I do know its at too. Sorry to write a book lol