Monday, June 13, 2011

Humbled and thankful

I got ready for worship Sunday morning.  We had the music cranked. Music loudly proclaiming the love Christ has for us, and that we have for Him.  The children were dancing,  we were singing, jumping, raising our hands.  Getting pumped to worship our Lord and Saviour, after a strange week, I was ready to call out and praise Him proudly.  We left singing up the road, laughing, and just so filled with praise for God.  He indeed showed me things this week that helped me through these past moments.
While during worship though I felt God asking me to humble myself.  I felt my knee's literally wanting to give in.... I had only just started to raise my hands in worship months before... I had never felt the urge to kneel before God in worship.  I felt Him calling me to just sit with Him awhile.  Thats it..thats all. 
I was a bit thrown off by this.  I was a bit shocked with this...this is not what I had planned.  Not in the least.

Why should it be what I plan..shouldnt it be what He plans for me even in this?

I had no choice. Either I did as I felt God calling me to do, or I refused because of whatever foolish reasons that were bubbling around in my head... he humbled me to a level I had not experienced before...

Sitting with Jesus, quietly, thankfully and peacefully during worship.  Just in awe of His love.  A refreshing moment after dealing with feelings of stress and struggle. 

I am thankful. 

Thankful for humbling
2#  a husbands growing understanding and cravings for God
3#  pottery with children allowing creativity to flow.
4#  silent prayer in the middle of the night, the feeling of His protection
5#  the crisp breeze passing over
6#  family fellowship over food and laughter
7# music
8# making tents on the front lawn
9# girls playing dressup, finding that great friend and laughing histarically at the sound of frogs

10# the smile of a two year old digging into an orange.
11# prayer walks
12# granny squares
13# sheeps wool between my fingers
14# the imagination of children, seeping out and into you

15# container planters of flowers and lettuce
16# watering cans spilt gently by a child


  1. Found you through Ann Voskamp's link up. So glad I did! Love that you fell to the ground in love for Him. Must have been a sweet time...


  2. What an awesome moment of worship you described! Enjoyed reading your list too, and I love the imagination of children, your #14...