Sunday, June 5, 2011

Where do we get off... (meditating on talent television)

Sitting here tonight, a certain television show on our tv.  These are shows I normally enjoy, they are normally shows that I would giggle at the people who go on who arent exactically talented to our eyes.  But I really feel this gut check happening latley saying "where do you get off laughing at people who are truly doing something they love?" 
Someone sings off key, someone doesnt dance like a professional, and they get laughed at, boo'd, thrown off.  I understand these shows are to find the best of the best.  But really, what is the best?  This is the worlds view of best.  This hurts a lot of people who are doing something they love.  And we sit and judge them, call them idiots, cant wait for them to stop and go home.  Cheer when they go home.   Is this right? Am I all alone on this?  This is what our world strives on people?  Is this what Christ wants? 
I know Christ changes people, in every detail, maybe He's working in me with this, I just sit here so confused at what Im thinking.  It seems every week there is a new show on judging peoples talents.  And all of a sudden it doesnt sit well with me.   Lets talk about this shall we?

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